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Eartha Kitt as Catwoman


All due respect to Bruce I really fail to see what all the fuss is about.

Sensation Comics Featuring Wonder Woman #1


Birds of Prey (1999-2009) #9

Canaries are born "cocky.""

This bit just cracks me up so much.

in Aquaman Annual #2


Hey everyone! Tomorrow is the first day of #WOCtober Fest- the month long celebration of women of color in comics! For the entire month of october, we’re going to be celebrating woc in comics with livestreams of shows, cartoons, and movies, a halloween fanworks contest, fanworks, activities, and more! This is all taking place right here on tumblr in the #woctober fest and #woctoberfest tags- so get your favorite comics ready and join in the fun starting tomorrow!

This event is a free for all, so everyone can post and talk about their favorite woc characters, make reading guides for them, post fanworks, and participate in all of the events we’ve got planned!

October, among being the month of halloween and the month of the first WOCtober fest, is also LGBTQIA+ history month! So keep an eye out for posts about the queer woc characters in comics, and make sure to join in the celebration.

This event lasts the entire month, all in the #woctoberfest and #woctober fest tags starting tomorrow. See you then!

"Crime needs its beauty sleep"